Comprehensive, considerate consultations coupled with detailed skin analysis assure each guest an unsurpassed, comfortable and caring experience. We strive to present our services as safe and effective for people with all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin.

Pamper Yourself With a Selection From Our Menu Of Services

•Hylunia Signature Custom Facial $110.00 (Treatment is an Hour and Forty five minutes) Skin is treated to double exfoliation to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, then nourished with powerful anti-oxidants formulated to minimize the progression or aging completely.

•Sunshine Lovers $80.00 (Treatment is Seventy Five Minutes) Overstretched, Dehydrated and Sun damaged skin. Anti-Oxidant vitamin mask with Vitamin C, Green Tea and Ginseng.

•Tropical Fruit $60.00 (Treatment is a mini facial for Thirty Minutes) Breaks down dead skin cells and scar tissue. Smooth rough edges on skin surface and revitalizes your skin.

•Cleopatra’s Secrets $60.00 (Treatment is Seventy Five minutes) Floral wash, Rosewater or Lavender mist with organic pearl scrub and organic clay mask. Absorbs oils and toxins from pores. Lifts and Firms.

•Ayurvedic Tamarina Chocolate $80.00 (Treatment is Seventy Five minutes) (as an Exfoliater) chocolate is Vasodilator and increases microcirculation. Then an Anti-Oxidant and Vitamin mask. Note: (Not for sensitive skin) Complimentary- Chocolate Martini (Yummy!)

•Mommy’s Rejuvenation (24 hour notice) $170.00 (Treatment is Two to Two and One Half hours) Customized facial and back facial. Parrafin on hands and feet for Lymphatic Drainage. Face, Shoulders, Arms Hands, and Feet. Complimentary- Chocolate covered Strawberry with a glass of Champagne. Or Complimentary fruit and cheese with a glass or red or white wine. Estimated time is about 2 hours. You deserve it!

•Chai Tranquility $110.00 (Treatment is One Hour and Forty Five minutes) Hyaluronic Vanilla Wash Mist, Papaya Enzyme, Vitamin C peel, Mask and Healing Cream.

•Lilac Dream Facial $110.00 (Treatment is One Hour and Forty Five minutes) Same Treatment as above.

•Men’s Coconut Lime $80.00 (Treatment is Seventy Five minutes) Same Treatment as above.

•Parraffin Mask $75.00 (Treatment is Seventy Five minutes) Hydration from head to toe, face, elbows, hands and feet. (Mask is with Ampoules)

•Pure Organic Aloe Vera $80.00 (Treatment is Seventy Five minutes) Hydronic Acid and Green Tea and Ampoules. (Good for Sunburn, Repair Skin, Improve skin elasticity)

•Customized Back Facial $60.00 (Treatment is Seventy Five minutes)

•Old World Recipes (24 hour notice) $100.00 (Treatment is One hour and Forty Five minutes)

•Hylunia Wash Tone and Enzyme with choice of mask. Add a peel for $10.00 more.


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